EBS Installation , Configuration and Upgrades

The world of EBS is undergoing rapid development and although many organizations are considering an update to version 12.2, a growing number of users are looking to integrate different systems into their EBS environment which includes both Oracle products and third-party software. PALCO can assist you in making the right decision for your organization.


We have an extensive track record connecting Oracle EBS to Oracle RAC, Oracle VM or an operating system like Linux or Windows.

While the application capabilities of other EBS solutions may be endless, it's important that the installation and maintenance process is executed perfectly, especially if these solutions aim to create added value, such as Discoverer, OBIEE, BI-APPS or DWH. Your organization can reap considerable benefits if everything runs smoothly.


While installing and maintaining EBS and other software can present major difficulties, PALCO can take care of everything by linking different software within EBS and taking over all maintenance and management issues. This includes installation and configuration of Oracle E-Business Suite (latest version), patching, and performance tuning for EBS components (Database and application server).

PALCO can also configure multiple application tiers on active mode with load balancing and sharing application tier file system for Oracle E-Business Suite along with configuring database tier in active-active mode using Oracle RAC.